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A scaled down version of Division Rebel Tackles cult favorite swimbait, the Tiny Klash provides big bait anglers with a smaller option to more mimic forage species all across the country. When the original Klash was released, we declared it to possess the highest degree of engineering ingenuity and precision we'd ever come across in a swimbait. Now after a year of increasingly popularity and dozens of teener fish across the world, DRT is ready to impress once again with the 6.6" Tiny Klash.
Unlike the original, the DRT Tiny Klash has only one "sink" rate - a lo float which positions the body mostly under the water's surface with only the back of the bait out of the water. Otherwise, much of the bait remains the same in terms of the lip removal or use and the tail positioning - up or down. Most anglers fish the bait with the lip in choosing to either crank it down erratically to scrape over cover just slightly or retrieving it very slowly on the surface as a wake bait. Essentially, if you remove the lip it is going to fish like a glide bait capable of being fished very slowly and methodically or violently with rips of the rod's tip or increase in reel speed. Add a few tape weights such as Storm Suspend Strips and watch as the bait sinks slowly down.
The Division Rebel Tackles Tiny Klash is available in a single low float model. The bait measures 6.6" and weighs 2oz.